After Delhi High Court Orders, DGCA enforced Strict Mask Rules at Airports


Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA said that passengers who refuse to comply can be de-boarded ahead of take-off or treated as unruly passengers. The personnel of the CISF will be in charge of enforcing masks.

In its order today, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said: ”The Airline shall ensure that in case any passenger does not adhere to instructions even after repeated warnings, he/she should be de-boarded, if need be, before departure.”…  In case any passenger on board an aircraft refuses to wear a mask or violates the “COVID-19 Protocol for passengers” even after repeated warnings, during the course of the flight, such passenger may be treated as “Unruly Passenger.”

Airport operators have been asked to increase announcements and surveillance. Cases of refusal to wear masks can be dealt with a fine or the passengers can be handed over to security agencies to take action as per law, the DGCA order read.

On June 3 the court called for strict action, observing that the pandemic is not over. If the passenger refuses to follow protocol despite reminders, action should be taken under health ministry or DGCA guidelines.

“The issuance of said order, in our view, is the right step since the pandemic has not abated and keeps springing up its ugly head,” the court added.

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