After the Madras High Court warned of imposing fees, the Plea Seeking a Statutory warning for Violent Movie scenes was withdrawn.

Madras High Court

On Wednesday, a plaintiff in the Madras High Court withdrew his plea seeking directions from the Central Board of Film Certification to transmit a statutory warning in upcoming films with the lines “Knives and Sickles used in this movie are made of paper and color water is used  as blood.”

After a bench of Chief Justice Munishwar Nath Bhandari and Justice N Mala threatened to dismiss the case with costs, the plea was dropped. The bench noted that the petition was filed only for publicity purposes and that no materials were attached to it.

School-aged youngsters were carrying weapons and knives in their luggage instead of books, according to S Gopikrishnan, a party in person before the court. While in school, the litigant stated in his statement that teenagers between the ages of 16 and 35 were becoming involved in major crimes after being persuaded by movies.

These young people, after seeing performers in movies, strive to imitate them in real life and end up committing serious crimes, according to Gopikrishnan, who claims that movies invent fight scenes to draw audiences into theatres. These admirers begin to believe the same things and attempt to mimic them in real life, only to be apprehended by the police and have their lives ruined.

He also cited recent instances in Chennai and Delhi as examples. College students in Chennai got into a brawl with large knives, sickles, and other weapons, causing havoc in the metro. Following the screening of the film “Pushpa,” a group of young people in Delhi were involved in a murder.

The court stated that the CBFC’s certification is appealable and that if the claimant had an issue with the certification of certain films, he might file a complaint with the proper body.

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