Animal Cruelty | Madras High Court Dismissed a Petition Seeking Permission to Conduct Protest Using Buffalo

Madras High Court Animal Cruelty

MADRAS: In the matter of Muthu v. The State and another,  Madras High Court has rejected a petition seeking to use the Buffalos for conducting a democratic Protest. High Court said that such actions can amount to Animal Cruelty.

The bench headed by Justice Sathish Kumar said that to keep animals for such protest would amount to cruelty and would be in violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.

In the said matter, Petitioner has moved to High Court challenging the order of a police inspector. The petitioner seeks permission to conduct a protest with a microphone by giving a petition to buffalo. The court opined that the prayer sought for the petitioner was negatived.

The court rejected a petition and directed the police to consider the representation and grant permission by imposing the usual conditions.

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