Animal Cruelty | Madras High Court refuse to give Custody to a man who was found transporting 36 cows in a single lorry

Madras High Court Animal Cruelty

MADRAS: In the matter of Krishnamoorthy vs Inspector of Police, Madras High Court has rejected to give custody to a man who was found transporting 36 cows in a single lorry. The Madras High Court said that man was guilty of animal cruelty as he was transporting Cows without water or food, suffered injuries, and had green chilies placed in their eyes to keep them standing during the long journey.

The Bench headed by Justice K Murali Shankar observed that the petitioner was prima facie guilty of cruelty to the animals and refused to grant him interim custody.

In a plea, the petitioner has challenged the orders of a magistrate court that dismissed his plea for interim custody of the cows which were rescued by the police based on a complaint alleging that they were being transported illegally.

A council member of a petitioner informed that he was an agriculturist and was transporting the cattle to a village in Virudhunagar District because of the drought situation in his own village.

Further, he informed that he is totally dependent upon the Cows but according to the local Police the man was not an agriculturist and was transporting the cows for slaughtering. Police also informed the Court that had also violated the Transport of Animals Rules and expressed apprehension that if he was given custody of the cows, he may once again commit the same offense.

The Court said – “In case if the petitioner is finally found to be not guilty, then the issue of custody of the castles will be dealt with in accordance with the concerned Rules and Regulations, but the petitioner is definitely not entitled to interim custody of the cattle. Hence, this Court is also not inclined to order returning of the Cows to the petitioner at this point of time,” 

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