Bombay High Court Rejected PIL to Change the Names Of Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda

Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda

MUMBAI: In the case of Onkar Sharma v. Union of India & Anr., the Bombay High Court has rejected a PIL petition seeking changes to the names of Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda Bank.  The Bench comprise of Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice MS Karnik found that the issues raised by the Petitioner did not contain any Public Interest

The petition was filed by a senior auditor at of Punjab National Bank’s Mumbai branch. In his plea, the Petitioner said that both Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda were National banks and, to some extent, had achieved international status. But because of the names, many people from remote areas were still unsure if these banks were regional or national/international banks.

The Court Respond that – “We are more than satisfied that there is no semblance of public interest must less substantial public interest involved for entertaining the PIL petition. We fail to appreciate how this PIL petition aims at redressal of genuine public harm or public injury,”

Further, the Petitioner prayed that the words ‘Punjab’ and ‘Baroda’ should not be used for the banks’ names. The bench said while it is not within the court’s jurisdiction to examine the issue, it was not even the petitioner’s position that the regional name had in any way hampered bank growth.

“These are ultimately matters for consideration of the administration/ competent authorities of the concerned banks,” it stated.

Therefore, after concluding that the parameters set out by the Supreme Court the court dismissed the petition.

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