“Carbon Dating method cannot be conducted on the ‘Shivling’ like structure found inside the Gyanvapi Mosque” ASI submitted before Allahabad High Court

Gyanvapi Shivling

ALLAHABAD: Today, the Archaeological Survey of India submitted that the modern method of ‘Carbon Dating’ cannot be conducted on the Shivling type structured which is found inside the Gyanvapi Mosque. They further states that this method might damage it, however, other modern techniques can be adapted to determine the age of the structure.

After the submission of the report the bench which is headed by Justice JJ Munir asked the counsel for the ASI to rule out any possibility of damage to the structure and he also questioned as to how the Counsel for the ASI could say that there is no possibility of carbon dating of the structure.

Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain who is the main counsel of the Hindu Worshipper said that it was essential to determine the age of the ‘Shiva Linga’ and therefore, without damaging the structure, its age be determined by ASI adopting any suitable scientific method.

On the other hand, the Counsel for Rakhi Singh (Respondent no. 6), Saurabh Tiwari opposed the plea for a carbon dating of the structure arguing that the same will damage the structure, instead, he argued that the carbon dating of the Gyabvapi Mosque premises be undertaken to determine the age of the entire premises.

While admitting the plea earlier this month, the Allahabad High Court had sought an opinion of the Director General of the ASI as to whether a safe evaluation of the age of the ‘Shiva Linga’, purportedly found inside the Gyanvapi Mosque complex, can be done.

…whether investigation of the structure found at site, subject matter of Original Suit No.18 of 2022 if examined through the methods of Carbon Dating, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Excavation and other methods adopted to determine its age, nature and other relevant information is likely to damage it or a safe evaluation about its age can be done,” the Court had inquired from the ASI.

Further, a 3 months time was sought by the ASI’s counsel to submit DG’s opinion as to whether a safe evaluation of the age of the Shiva Linga, purportedly found inside the Gyanvapi Mosque complex, can be done by adopting the scientific methodology. Refusing to grant the same, the Court posted the matter for further hearing on November 30.

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