Laws Related to Child Labour In India

child labour


Have you ever seen a child working in a shop or as labor? Do you feel bad for him or want to do something for him, if yes then probably what steps would you take to prevent child labour and save the future of the country.

Child labouring is dangerous to any nation because they are the future of any country. The state has some moral duties towards the children, the state needs to ensure the proper food and education to them. A child needs more care during childhood because that is the time when a child grows

mentally, physically, and emotionally. Basic facilities should be given to the children. In India, we have laws regarding child labour but still, child labouring is prevailing. Not just in India, child labour is an issue all over the world.


Poverty:- In India the main cause of child labour is poverty. People have lack of basic facilities. Like Lack of food, and lack of financial stability cause they don’t educate their children. When a family is unable to arrange a proper two-time meal they can’t even imagine to sent their children to school and giving them a better and a secured future.

Lack of awareness of education among their parents:- it is a sad fact that people also don’t educate their children because they think that education is not important to their children and also is a waste of time. If the child got some skill then it will help them to earn and live their life so there is no need to educate them.

Family debt:- sometimes family debt is also a reason for child labour. Like a son paying the debt of his father or any other circumstance which leads the child to work for his family.

Force labour:- there are number of children who are forced to labour. We might not notice it but those children bag at traffic lights, outside of the temple, are also forced labour they are being controlled by some gangs. They kidnapped children or buy them from their agents and make children physically challenged, like making them blind, cutting any part of their body. They made the children learn how to bag. These rackets are increasing day by day.

Child sex labour:- child sex labour is against the girl child.  being forced to become sex labor is not only also affects a child bad mentally emotionally and of course physically. As a child’s body is not ready for sex although they are being forced to do it.


Child labour leads the child towards the wrong path: without proper guidance, they often become criminals and develop the habit of consuming alcohol, drugs and more.

Slow economic growth:- children are the upcoming generation and their academic performance, creative ideas, innovation, taking part to serve the nation and many more things, help a nation to develop as a whole but where a child is not getting basic necessaries to fulfil, the child not going school, how will he help its nation to develop.

The increasing rate of crime:- child can be a soft target. People who themselves are involved in criminal activities, involve them. They take help of the children because the police wouldn’t doubt the small kids. Likewise, the small children become habitual of crime and become a criminal

Laws Related to Child Labour In India

Article 24 of the constitution of India stated that below 14 years of age “No child below the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or engaged in any other hazardous employment.”

Article 24 of the constitution of India comes under fundamental rights. The law makes ensures that no child should work through this section. There are many law developments regarding child labour in the country.

MINIMUM WAGES ACT OF 1948, With this act state, ensures that all the labours including child labor will allow minimum wages

THE INDIAN FACTORIES ACT OF 1948:- this act prohibits the child of below 14 years, to work in the factories above this can work in the factories.

THE PLANTATION LABOUR ACT OF 1951, This act strictly restricted the children working who are below the age of 12 however allows those children who attend the age of 12 can work but with a doctor’s report.

MINES ACT OF 1952, This act purely stated that no child shall allow working in the mines.

THE CHILD LABOUR ACT OF 1986:-The Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act of 1986 strives to eliminate all forms of child maltreatment in the workplace and prohibits the employment of children under the age of 14 in any hazardous occupation. The Act makes it illegal to employ children in specific jobs and procedures.


Child labour is still a concern in the country. The government has made several steps to actively address the issue of child labour. However, owing to socio-economic issues such as poverty and illiteracy, which are the major causes of child labour, it cannot be remedied unless and until all members of society work together. This problem can be rectified and we can have a better and prosperous India if everyone accepts responsibility for child labor.

If the public supports the government’s activities, the problem of child labour can be greatly reduced. It is critical to raise awareness about the dangers of child labor and to educate people on the subject. as mentally , physically , emotionally. Basic facilities should be given to the children. In India we have laws regarding the child labour but still the child labouring is prevailing. Not just in India , child labour is issue all over the world.



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