China Develops Laser Weapon That Could Destroy Satellites In Space


     Taipei (Taiwan), March 19 (ANI) Experimenters in China have developed a fryer machine “Relativistic Klystron Amplifier (RKA)”, that could jam or destroy satellites in space. The device can induce a surge burst to measure 5-megawatts in the Ka-band, a portion of the electromagnetic diapason decreasingly used for both civil and military purposes, citing Asia Times, Taiwan News reported.

    Although not important enough to shoot targets out of the sky from the ground, the RKA can be mounted onto satellites, which could also be used to attack adversary means in space by burning out their sensitive electronics.

    Directed Energy Munitions (DEW) are systems that use concentrated electromagnetic energy rather than kinetic energy to damage or destroy adversary outfits and/ or help in a physical conflict.

    Although China denies the RKA is a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), if the system were erected at scale, it could shoot shafts strong enough to rip through metallic accouterments moving at speed, reported Taiwan News.

    In fact, a Beijing- grounded space scientist told the media anonymously this tech could serve as a high-powered armament, saying its power was” inviting just to suppose about.”

    Space is getting a decreasingly hotly queried geopolitical arena. This comes after recent exposures China tested a nuclear-able hypersonic glide vehicle that flew through low-route space in August last time.

    Responding to the news in November, Thomas Karako, an elderly fellow at the Washington- grounded think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said the US needs to emplace space-grounded detectors to fight the Chinese service’s new dumdums, reported Taiwan News.

    Also, the recent conflict in Ukraine could also bear a lesser threat of conflict in space and jeopardize satellites.

    The collaboration Russia and Western countries enjoyed in space for decades may be ending presto with the Russian space director lately hanging Moscow might decline to correct the course of the International Space Station, which would bring it crashing down to earth, reported Taiwan News. In addition, last time Russia destroyed one of its own heritage satellites which created mass debris in space. (ANI)

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