Corruption | “No file will be moved without any Bribe in Government Office”: Karnataka High Court

Karnataka High Court Corruption

KARNATAKA: Karnataka High Court has rejected a denied bail application of a Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) official statement that there was rampant corruption in government offices.

The Bench headed by Justice K Natarajan rejected a bail application and observed that “Nowadays, in the government office, corruption has become rampant and no file will be moved without any bribe. Therefore, I am of the view that the petitioner is not entitled to the grant of bail at this stage,”

The accused name BT Raju, an assistant engineer at Bangalore Development Authority. In the said case it was said that Bangalore Development Authority used land belonging to Suvvalal Jain and Suresh Chand Jain for a road without proper acquisition proceedings. An application for an alternative site in lieu of the land was filed by their GPA (General Power of Attorney) holder Manjunath.

Raju allegedly demanded a bribe of one crore, negotiated it down to ₹60 lakh, and was caught red-handed while accepting a bribe of ₹ five lakh in cash on 7 June 2022. Raju allegedly kept it pending till the day of his trapping by the ACB and his arrest six months later. The ACB had caught Raju accepting bribes in a car. It had earlier secured a call recording where he demanded the bribe.

High Court while rejecting a plea said – “The telephonic conversation and the hand wash made by the ACB, all reveal that the petitioner accepted the tainted notes wherein the police smeared phenolphthalein powder,”

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