Delhi HC on illegal Road Structures: Come down with an iron hand

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NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday said the authorities should “come down with an iron hand” on illegal encroachments and also take legal action against a group of people committing such illegality raising illegal religious structures on roads in Northeast Delhi

The bench held by Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Navin Chawla, “We are at a loss to understand how the state can be a mute bystander and allow such illegalities to occur. In our view, the state should take a clear, definite, and firm stand in such matters and come down with an iron hand to send a clear message to all encroachers that such encroachments would not be tolerated and would be removed as soon as they are sought to be raised,” 

The court also said penal action should be taken against those who are behind the raising of such illegal structures. “You have to send a message. The message has to be loud and clear. It should be known to everyone that this will not be tolerated. You come down with an iron hand,” the court said while addressing the government counsel. The court was hearing a petition for the construction of illegal religious structures on road number 59 near Bhajanpura and on-road number 57 opposite Hasanpur DTC Depot.

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(MARCH – APRIL 2022)


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