Digital India – A Boon for Aatmanirbhar Bharat

    In 2015, a very great initiative was taken by the Government of India to make India a Digital country. The concept of ‘Digitalization’ was introduced whose aim was to make people’s life simpler. Before 2015, people had to rush to places to get their work done but after that everything changed. Anything could be done with a single click while sitting far away at homes, whether it may be payment of electricity bills, LPG booking, etc. Now, people don’t need to stand in long queues and wait for several hours to pay their bills or do any bookings.
    In present days, due to ongoing pandemic when people could not step out of their houses during the nationwide lockdown in 2020, the Digital platform has helped people in getting things like groceries, vegetables, medicines at their doorsteps. Even education, jobs both private and government have shifted to online platforms in the form of work-from-home.

    Vaccine drive has also become successful because of the digital platform. People can simply
    register themselves online and can get themselves vaccinated at a specific date, time, and place allotted to them instead of going to someplace stand in long queues, get registered, and then waiting for their turn to get vaccines. It saves people time and money and most importantly from meeting a lot of people by going to crowded places and getting themselves infected. It has made our lives so simpler that a person could not even imagine. But it has a dark side also. Every day we hear about so many frauds, scams taking place in every corner of the country. Lack of education or we can say awareness leads to serious crimes. To benefit oneself from this facility, we need to make ourselves more aware and educate people for the same. Mostly these scams take place in village areas where people are not aware of these kinds of frauds, by giving greed they loot the poor people. So, one needs to be very careful while making use of any digital platform. These people try to make money from others’ bank accounts by taking their details and OTP from them in the name of giving some fancy facility. Although it is a good initiative to boost the economy. As we’ve seen during Covid times, everyone shifted to digital platforms. The government also provides the initiative to use digital platforms rather than stepping out. Discounts are given when people pay digitally instead of in cash. And in this Covid Era, when people fear to touch each other or come closer, one can
    just pay using their mobile phones so that they don’t come in direct contact with another person. But we can make use of these available facilities when we are fully aware of their consequences.

    People should be extra careful while assessing these facilities and make others also aware of the same. In the end, it can be concluded that we’ve been provided with so many incentives, facilities which have made our lives much easier. Internet is like a blessing in our lives, but it has its other side too so we should always stay careful and use this platform with care just like we handle glass with care so that we don’t get harmed.


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