Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has notified a replacement set of rules in line with that kids beneath the age of four should wear a helmet and safety vest once riding a two-wheel vehicle.

According to the new rules, the speed of motorcycles carrying kids beneath the age of four has been restricted to forty kilometer / h.

Children ought to additionally wear a security vest that secures them to the motive force.

 Beneath these specifications, the protection harness has to be lightweight weight, adjustable, waterproof and sturdy. It ought to be of serious nylon or multi-filament nylon material with high-density foam and spare artifact. the protection harness ought to have the capability to carry weight up to thirty kilogram.

The ministry had return up with a draft notification for these rules in October last year. the govt proclaimed that Section 129 of the cars Act had been amended by the cars (Amendment) Act 2019. Section 129 of the cars Act mandates that the govt could return up with measures for the protection of kids below four years more matured riding of being carried on a two-wheeler, particularly a motorcycle.

This is achieved if the motive force and therefore the seat rider wear safety harnesses therefore the kid can be mounted firmly to the motive force by attaching the straps to the rear of the vest and crossing the straps to make 2 massive crossover loops that pass between the passenger’s legs and therefore the kid sitting on the seat.

The rules can acquire force once a year from the date of publication of the Central cars (Second Amendment) Rules, 2022.