Grah Rakshak Case I Gauhati High Court Directs State Government To Follow The Orders Of The Supreme Court

Gauhati High Court

GAUHATI: Today, Gauhati High Court has directed the state government to follow the directions of the Top Court in the Grah Rakshak Case. The court has also directed to pay the home Guards’ duty allowance.

In the said case the Supreme Court of India consider the working conditions of the home guards in different states of India. Especially, in Himachal Pradesh, Delhi- NCR, and Mumbai.

In the said judgment, Top Court directed the state governments to pay them the duty allowance at such rates, a total of which 30 days (a month) came to a minimum of the pay to which the police personnel of State was entitled.

In the above case, the petitioner who is appointed as a home guard seeks enhancement of their duty allowance. The petitioners put forth that twenty-three states in India have already implemented the judgment, but, the State of Assam had failed to implement it.

The counsel for the Home Department submitted that several applications had been received from the Ministry of Home Affairs in this regard and that the government was taking necessary steps in terms of the said ruling.

The Court allowed the writ petition and directed the State Government to pay the Home Guards duty allowance at such rates, a total of which thirty days comes to the minimum pay to which the police personnel of the State is entitled to, within 3 months.

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