Gujrat High Court Advocates Association decided to call off its strike from Tomorrow

Gujrat High Court Advocates Association

GUJRAT: Today, the Gujrat High Court Advocates Association (GHAA) has decided to decided to call off its strike from tomorrow. All the advocates have been abstain to do any work since last week. The reason for the strike given by Gujrat High Court Advocates Association is the recommended transfer of Justice Nikhil Kariel from the Gujarat High Court to Patna High Court.

According to the sources the association consider the transfer of justice Nikhil Kariel as  “death knell to independence of judiciary”. They also said that they will pass an “appropriate resolution condemning the transfer order of Justice Vipul Pancholi” to Patna High Court”.

In the meeting which was held on 29 September, the Apex Court recommended the transfer of Justice Vipul Pancholi to Patna High Court and the recommendation was made public on November 21. The next meeting will be held tomorrow at 2:00 pm.

“…The CJI underlined to us the fact that the issue of the transfer of Justice (Nikhil) Kariel would be thoroughly examined with inputs from all sources, including the representation made by GHAA. The Chief Justice of India was of the view that the current strike would be a hindrance in this decision-making process and that the same should be withdrawn forthwith. The assurance given by the CJI to examine the issue in its entirety leads us to recommend that the present strike be suspended,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, with advocates abstaining from work, the court of Chief Justice Aravind Kumar and other courts are sitting for court sessions, hearing requests for short adjournments and matters by party-in-persons.

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