[Gyanvapi-Kashi Vishwanath Dispute]: New Appeal in Supreme Court against Allahabad HC

Gyanvapi- Kashi

On Friday, a new appeal has been filed in the Supreme Court against a previous order of Allahabad HC  permitting a commissioner appointed by the court to an inspection and conduct a survey and videography of the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi to which Hindus and Muslims have laid claim for the right to worship. In order, the CJI also mentioned that they will examine the petition and documents and list it.

The appeal by Anjuman Intezamia Masajid was mentioned by Senior Counsel Huzefa Ahmadi before Chief Justice of India (CJI) NV Ramana seeking urgent listing.

A suit filed in a lower court by Hindu parties has claimed that the mosque houses Hindu deities and they should be allowed to do worship and puja at the site. The same was challenged before Allahabad High Court which dismissed the appeal on April 21.

Subsequently, the Masajid Committee filed a plea before the lower court claiming that the court commissioner was biased and should be replaced.

The suit before the lower court was filed by one Rakhi Singh and others who sought a declaration that their right to profess their religion as guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution is breached.

Hindu community demanded that should allow doing worship of various deities and they were allowed to enter the site and offer bhog It was claimed that there are deities such as Maa Gauri, Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, etc

The civil judge after hearing the contentions had passed an order on August 18, 2021, appointing an advocate commissioner. The judge had also ordered the commissioner to visit the site and inspect and collect evidence as to whether the deities exist at the site. The commissioner was further given liberty to seek police force assistance in case of any disturbance or resistance to the collection of evidence by virtue of videography.

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(MARCH – APRIL 2022)

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