Gyanvapi Mosque Updates: Survey Reports are Out

    gyanvapi masjid

    The report was submitted to the civil court by the court-appointed Commissioner. The Court orders to hold videography and survey of the mosque to which Hindus have laid claim to worship on the ground that it houses Hindu deities.

    Here are the Findings of the survey report:

    On May 16 when the proceeding began by the Commissioner the plaintiff drew the attention of the commission to a pool with the plaintiffs’ counsel claiming that there is a Shivling in the middle of the pool.

    The commission with the help of other authorities reduced the water level in the pool and found a black circular stone-shaped figure 2.5 feet in height.

    On its top, was a circular white stone with a round hole in the middle which was little less than half an inch.

    The diameter of the base was found to be about 4 feet.

    The plaintiff counsel member started calling this circular black stone Shivling,

    Contrary, counsel for the respondent said that it is a Fawarra (fountain).

    After removing the water from the inside of the circular structure, an oval shaped structure was found at the bottom, with a slightly circular cutting-shaped design on a separate stone at the upper end. Its videography was done.

    During the proceedings, it was observed by the plaintiff’s counsel members that behind the place of the Wazu area in the eastern direction, there is a place to go down. Its measurement was done, and there were four steps down and a 4 feet 2-inch wide lane ran in the north direction.

    On the east side of the upper half of the mosque, three toilets are located in the east, and three toilets in the south, an enlarged bathroom and toilets are located on three sides, and about 4.5 away, there is a well in which water is present, whose videography has been done.

    In the end, the advocates for the plaintiffs demanded videography of the shape on the ground floor below the circular Shivling-shaped figure located in the middle of the pond on the first floor, stating the existence of the figure.

    On the basis of previous inspection and videography by the court commissioners, it was concluded that it is not possible to reach the ground under this circular shape since the part of the land below it is covered by the walls of the basement of the north and south and the wall of the bottom of the pond in the east.

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    (MARCH – APRIL 2022)


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