High Time To Strengthen The District Judiciary, Says Chief Justice Of India N.V. Ramana

Justice NV Raman speech

NEW DELHI: Today in an event organized by NALSA, CJI, N.V. Ramana emphasized during his speech and said that it’s an urgent need to strengthen the judiciary system of the state. He also said that the District Courts of the state are basically people’s first point of contact with the judiciary plays a pivotal role in the dispensation of justice.

Every progressive policy needs a strong foundation and the same goes for the judiciary; it is imperative to strengthen its foundation – District Judiciary.

He added – “Public opinion about the judiciary is primarily based on their experiences with the district judiciary. This casts a great responsibility on your shoulders. You must undertake multifaceted tasks and roles. You are best placed to understand people’s problems and social issues.”

“There is no meaning in camouflaging or hiding the problems. If we don’t discuss these issues, if matters of pressing concern are not addressed, then the system will cripple. I fear we may be unable to fulfill our constitutional mandate of social justice. I urge you, therefore, to DISCUSS, DEBATE AND DECIDE! This is the principle I have been following all through.”

While he attempts to project the achievements of the Indian judiciary in order to win people’s faith, CJI Ramana admitted, that in order to serve better, the need to flag the issues impeding its functioning, is compelling.

While delivering a speech he also mentioned some of the pressing issues such as – conditions of service, remunerations, and infrastructural challenges. Later, he said that the Supreme Court has recently addressed the issue of remuneration by directing for implementation of revised pay benefits.

While acknowledging the work done by NALSA he emphasized on much-needed intervention to strengthen the situation of the undertrials. He also apprised all present that the Prime Minister and Attorney General have flagged this issue on a previous occasion.

Further, he has also indicated that dedicated advocates are needed for the effective representation of the prisoners. It is of paramount importance that the advocates know the condition and needs of their clients and therefore make visits to jail to be aware of their clients’ realities, says CJI RAMAN.

“We need sincere and dedicated jail visiting advocates. Jail visiting advocates can later become the legal aid authorized defense counsels. Such advocates must also be accessible to families of the prisoners, who are often unaware about their status.”

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