{Hijab Case} Strict action should be taken against those who want to violate the High Court order

hijab case

BJP leader Shobha Karandlaje said those violating the High Court order, which restricts the use of hijab in educational institutions, should be dealt with strictly as it could lead to anti-national activities.

“The High Court has already made it clear that there is no scope for hijab in the classroom. Everyone who lives here should respect the law of the land. Stringent action should be taken against those who want to violate the High Court order because it will lead to anti-social and anti-national activities,”

She said this day after 12 students of the Mangalore University in Mangaluru, the district headquarters town of Dakshina Kannada, was denied entry, citing the High Court order.

The Full Bench of the court, hearing a batch of petitions filed by some Muslim students of the Government Girls Pre-University College in Udupi, maintained in its March 15 order that the hijab is not an essential religious practice and everyone should abide by the uniform dress rule in the educational institutions.

To a query on the ongoing controversy related to the Malali mosque in Mangaluru with the VHP claiming it to be an ancient Hindu temple, the Union Minister of State said everyone can live together if the places belonging to Hindus can be returned and everyone decides to correct the wrongs committed in the past.

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