How to crack the DU LLB Entrance exam without coaching.


The University of Delhi is the most prestigious institution in the country, several courses are offered by the university and one of them is LLB. Getting admission into the law faculty of Delhi University one has to do a lot of hard work.

Every year in June Delhi University conducts a law entrance test for all the three centers of the faculty of law. In this specific article, we are not going to discuss the syllabus of the entrance as you can easily get the syllabus by searching on Google.  Being an alumnus of the faculty of law, at Delhi University I am in a position to guide you to get admission into this prestigious institution.

There are three centers of the faculty of law namely-

  1. Campus law center
  2. Law Centre 1
  3. Law Centre 2

All the three centers have the best faculty and you can easily get all the facilities out there.

While preparing for the entrance exam you must focus on the polity area first and then on other subjects. I would suggest you attend at least 200 empty MCQs daily. You can solve any book available in the market.

The most important part of the preparation is to see motivated and calm. Make your you are hydrated and eat a healthy diet. Mock tests are an important part of your preparation, it is the best way to check your performance.

On the other hand, I would suggest you do not rely on one source of current affairs, try to read current affairs from different sources as it can be a game-changer.  If you are a Hindi medium student and not well versed with the English language then you should focus on the English part as well.

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(MARCH – APRIL 2022)



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