How to Prepare for CLAT 2022?

Clat 2022

Cracking CLAT is the most cherished dream for most budding lawyers. However, “How to prepare for CLAT 2022” is one question every candidate asks. Scoring well in CLAT is a necessity as it will get you a good law college. It is never too early to come up with a rational and practical preparation strategy for CLAT.

CLAT preparation requires a lot of hard work and a consistent approach, hence it is obvious to get overwhelmed during your CLAT preparation journey. But you don’t need to worry, we have you covered. Experts at CL-LST have shared topper-proof tips that many CLAT takers have followed to ensure they get into the college of their dreams.

Topper-Proof CLAT Preparation Tips By  Experts

In discovering the perfect answer to “How to prepare for CLAT”, let’s start with some preparation tips by our CLAT experts:

  • Prepare a monthly and weekly timetable and have the syllabus handy.
  • Make sure to cover all the topics and concepts right on time and revise them at frequent intervals.
  • Write mock tests and practice tests frequently and analyze the tests taken to recognize the weak areas, and work towards improving them.
  • Do not make assumptions while attempting the questions in actual CLAT as for every incorrect answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted.

Step By Step CLAT 2022 Preparation Plan

#1 Know the Marking Scheme

It is imperative that you know the marking scheme. You should know which section would be the most suitable one for you to fetch the marks needed to crack CLAT.

#2 Build Strong Conceptual Understanding

For an exam as demanding as CLAT, you need to have a strong conceptual understanding. Brush up your basics and revise important concepts frequently to develop a good hold over concepts asked in CLAT.

# 3 Practice and Analyze

Once the fundamentals are clear, it is important to write the practice test on the very same day for reinforcement of the concept. It will strengthen your conceptual understanding and allow you to assess your weak areas.

CLAT 2022 Section-wise Preparation Tips


For this section, Practice! Practice! and practice! The more you practice, the more equipped you are. Revision of areas you are weak in helps too. These techniques will help you in building accuracy and keeping up with the time-bound exam.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Awareness plays a key role in this section. One must make his/ her habit of reading newspapers and watching the news daily. Basic knowledge of history, geography and science will be preferred as a great advantage. Free news portals including the Hindu is a sufficient source for current affairs.

Legal Reasoning

To ace CLAT2022, you must focus specifically on static and current legal issues, landmark judgments, and important cases from the last year. It helps significantly in understanding the passages faster. Read about all the new amendments and enactments done in both monsoon and winter sessions of the parliament along with recent contemporary issues.

There might be questions in cases where you are not left with enough time to read and understand the passage. Having prior knowledge in such instances is of great help. Work on vocabulary comprising legal jargon, legal terms, foreign phrases, and maxims. Lookup for a term if you do not understand the meaning, and read it repeatedly.

English Language

For this part, it is necessary to read as much as possible. Reading the newspaper and practicing comprehension passages will increase your answering speed. Solve the previous year’s question papers. Take online mock tests and check your performance.

CLAT 2022 Preparation without Coaching: Busting Myths

Before we start, it is important to dispel the myths about CLAT preparation that have become popular among law aspirants. Candidates should start by asking themselves, whether all those who clear CLAT come from coaching institutes? Will the coaching institutes provide a guarantee of selection, the answer in both cases is again “No”. So, what is the reason for failure in CLAT?

In most cases, the candidates can blame themselves for not starting early or for not being serious about CLAT preparation and not having the right strategy. Conversely, the candidates who get success in CLAT will have the following things.

  • CLAT Free Mock Test
  • They start their CLAT preparation early
  • They follow a regular schedule and study for around 5-6 hours a day for preparation
  • They follow a strategy for CLAT preparation and do not read any topic randomly
  • They practice a good number of sample papers and mock tests

Another thing that we can observe is that during results, the coaching institutes would promote themselves aggressively, and in doing so, they start claiming the toppers. In many cases, you will find that one topper is claimed by three-four coaching institutes. Isn’t it a well-planned marketing technique to attract new candidates?

The fact is that in most cases, the students are hardworking and have already performed well at the academic level. The coaching institutes also pay special attention to such candidates. The students on their part would use the resources provided by coaching institutes to shape their preparation.

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