[Hyderabad Gang-Rape] Local Court granted custody of the accused to the Police

Hyderabad gang rape

HYDERABAD: Yesterday, In the Hyderbad Gang Rape case a Local Court granted the custody of the adult accused to the Police, as the officials sought the custody of the five other accused-all minors, as well. The police custody of the accused Saduddin Malik begins Today.

A police official informed that they have sought the custody of the minors as well and a petition has been filed before the concerned juvenile board. Six persons have been apprehended in connection with the gang-rape of a teenage girl in Hyderabad. Out of six accused, only one is major,  rest are juveniles

Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand had informed, “Six accused have been caught in this case… Out of six, one is major,”

Five of the arrested persons were involved in the sexual assault of the teenage girl on May 28. One juvenile was allegedly seen in videos misbehaving with her but was not involved in rape.

Police Commissioner said stringent sections of the law have been invoked against those involved in the heinous crime and the punishment under the sections could be imprisonment for life till death or even the death penalty.

He said that the gang rape happened in a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), which “seems to be” an official vehicle. Replying to queries about political links in the case and whether the accused are children of any VIPs, including an AIMIM MLA, he had said it is for the media persons to conclude and that information cannot be revealed as the accused are minors.

Meanwhile, opposition Congress and BJP lambasted the TRS government on Wednesday over the alleged increase in cases of crimes against women and minor girls and other law and order issues in the state.

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