India’s Justification On Purchase Of Russian Crude Oil

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    On Friday India strongly justified its right to go ahead with the purchase o Russian crude oil. As we know that India’s energy sector is mostly dependent on imports from other countries and we are not self-sufficient in this sector. We have to purchase vast quantities of sources of energy from other countries. Russia is one of the most crude-oil exporting countries.

    An informed source said that India’s energy sector is dependent on large imports and the country’s dependence on imported energy should not be ‘Politicized’.

    “Countries with oil sufficiency or those importing themselves from Russia can not credibly advocate restrictive trading,” said the source, indirectly responding to the growing western pressure to stop the import of oil and gas from Russia.

    Assertion of India’s position came as international demand increased on India to stop the purchase of Russian oil. It is expected that this issue will be raised in the 14th India-Japan summit on march 19-20 in talk with PM Modi of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. And a statement issued by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison that Ukraine will be the agenda during a virtual meeting with PM Modi and this issue is expected to arise during the visit of British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss which is likely to be later this month. All these three countries Japan, Australia, UK imposed sanctions on Russia.

    The US also increased diplomatic pressure on India to stop purchasing Russian crude oil. The White House spokesperson ‘Jen Psaki’ equated purchasing oil from Russia with ‘supporting the Russian leadership’. She said, “also think about where you stand when history books are written at this moment in time”.

    India argues that India is not the only country that is purchasing crude oil from Russia, most of the European countries fulfill their demand of crude oil from Russia and it is even at this time when Russia carrying out aggressive military operations in Ukraine.

    Among the top buyers of Russian Oil and Gas are -Germany, Italy, France, and Netherland and even frontline countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and Finland were importing vast quantities of Russian oil.

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