ITT JEE-Mains 2022: Supreme Court allow 15 Candidates to attend the additional session of the exam held by the National Testing Agency tomorrow

ITT JEE-Mains 2022

The Supreme Court of India gives permission to 15 candidates to attend the additional session of the exam held by the National Testing Agency tomorrow. These Candidates were facing technical difficulties during the first session of the ITT JEE-Mains 2022 exam held in June 2022. According to the sources, the entrance test will be conducted in two sessions and the candidates have the option of attending either of the sessions.

It is also said that If a candidate appears in both sessions, the best of the scores will be considered for the rank list. Advocate Gopal Shankaranarayanan, who appeared for the petitioner side before the Hon’ble Court said that the Candidates had appeared for the first session of IIT-JEE Mains which was held between June 23 to June 29, during which they faced several technical issues and due to which they lost a significant amount of time affecting their performance during the exam. The second session is held from July 25 to July 29.

Keeping in mind all the Difficulties faced by a number of the candidates the National Testing Agency decided to conduct an additional session on July 30 for those candidates who faced the difficulties.

Counsel member of the National Testing Agency told the bench that the agency found that 254 candidates faced genuine difficulties and they have been allowed to attend the additional session on July 30. Out of the 15 petitioners, 7 had given representations and 3 have been permitted to attend the additional session tomorrow.

Further, Justice Chandrachud orally said that ideally all candidates who faced difficulties should be allowed to attend the additional session but considering the logistical problems, the bench has to confine the relief to the petitioners.

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