Jiya-Ul-Haq Murder Case: Allahabad High Court Grants Bail To Accused Manjeet Yadav

Jiya-Ul-Haq Murder Case

ALLAHABAD: Today, the Allahabad High Court has grant bail to Manjeet Yadav who is the accused in Jiya-Ul-Haq Murder Case. He was in the jail from last 9 years. Earlier, the accused moved to the High Court and filed a plea on the ground that he has been in jail for more than nine years from the date of his arrest, the prosecution has concluded the evidence of its witnesses and now, the defence witnesses are being examined.

The accused also argued that the caucused have been granted bail by the High Court; they have identical roles as of the accused-applicant and he has no criminal history except the present case.

On the other hand, the CBI opposed the bail plea and submitted that the accused-applicant and co-accused not only interfered in public functions but they mercilessly assaulted the deceased and killed him.

It was further argued that there is no delay in the conclusion of the trial and it is the accused who are delaying the trial and they have submitted a list of 13 witnesses to be examined as defence so as to delay the trial unnecessarily.

However, considering his long incarceration in jail and the fact that there is no previous criminal history of the accused-applicant except the present case, the trial is almost complete where defence witnesses are being examined, the bench of Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh ordered to enlarge him on bail.

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