Karnataka HC declined to quash a case against a man who forced his wife for unnatural sex.

KARNATAKA: The Karnataka High Court has declined to quash a case against a man who forced his wife for anal/unnatural sex. The court allowed the contention of the woman for further investigation against her husband for allegedly posting her obscene pictures on social media.

The couple got married in 2015 and living together in Bengaluru, wife alleged that from the very beginning “her husband was torturous for having anal sex/unnatural sex.” After a while left him to live with her parents. The husband persuaded her to go back to her promising not to force her. However, she alleged that her husband’s behavior “got aggravated.” She left him permanently in January 2016.

The couple met while pursuing a Ph.D. at IIT Mumbai. The husband allegedly forwarded obscene pictures of her to the Facebook account of her father and the WhatsApp numbers of her two friends.

A criminal case was registered by the woman in her native Chhattisgarh which was transferred to Bengaluru to be investigated by the jurisdictional police. The wife had also made her mother-in-law an accused.

However, in 2019, the High Court quashed the case against the husband’s mother.

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