Karnataka High Court directed police machinery to complete investigations within a period of 60 days

KARNATAKA: In the recent case of Sujit Mulgund vs Superintendent of Police, Karnataka High Court recently set deadlines for the police machinery and other probe agencies in the State to complete investigations in petty offences and serious crimes within a period of 60 days and 90 days respectively.

The bench headed by single-judge Justice Sunil Dutt Yadav issued detailed guidelines for the police and also the Judicial Magistrates to probe criminal cases without any delay so as to avoid any kind of prejudice either to the accused or the complainant.

“Offences may be categorised into petty offences, serious offences and heinous offences. As regards petty offences, time limit of 60 days could be fixed for completion of investigation which could be extended by the Special Judge or Magistrate upon request made, assigning reasons for extension of time for investigation to be completed. As regards serious and heinous offences, time limit of 90 days could be stipulated,” the judge said.

Further, the Court said – “Setting up separate investigation wing with dedicated personnel in police stations with necessary training imparted so as to inculcate professionalism in investigation. They may be subjected to training relating to modus operandi in commission of crime, strategies of unearthing crimes and their detection, and steps to be taken to familiarise them with necessary knowledge relating to technology involved in commission of cyber crimes, money laundering and corruption offences,”

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