Kerala HC orders Transport Commissioner of Kerala to take necessary actions to make sure vehicles follow traffic rules

transport commissioner of Kerala

KERALA: The Kerala High Court ordered the Transport Commissioner to take necessary action to make sure strict compliance with its earlier directions issued in 2019, through the concerned officers of the Motor Vehicles Department against motor vehicles that violate the safety standards in the State. This order was issued by Justice Anil K. Narendran.

In his order, he urges Transport Commissioner to take action to make sure vehicles follow traffic rules relating to lighting, light-signaling devices, vehicles fitted with unauthorized name boards, emblems, flags, and also multi-colored red, blue, and white lights intended for vehicles on designated emergency and disaster management duties; vehicles used on public places without displaying registration marks appropriately; vehicles pasted with cooling films on safety glass or fitted with sliding cloth curtains.

The petitioner, who is the Principal of a Higher Secondary School moved the Court seeking a writ of mandamus commanding the Additional Registering Authority to endorse the class of vehicle covered by the certificate of registration, as Educational Institution Bus (Contract Carriage), without insisting on compliance with Rule 125C of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules.

The Court observed that in a previous judgment held in the year 2019 in the case of  Principal, Sabari PTB Smaraka H.S.S. v. Additional Registering Authority & Ors

Cort obseved, that the petitioner’s vehicle, which does not meet the safety standards cannot be permitted to be used in any public place, since the use of such vehicles in any public place is likely to endanger the safety of other road users.

On noticing that, despite the direction issued by this Court earlier, motor vehicles which are likely to endanger the safety of other road users were being permitted to be used in the public place in the State, this Court issued various directions to the Transport Commissioner, who was directed to file action taken report.

Thereafter, a Circular issued by the State Police Chief was placed on record, whereby all officers in the Police Department are directed to remove contraband articles (window curtains, bull bars, sun films, etc.), if any, from all the vehicles of the Police Department.

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