Kerala High Court Directed NDMA To Issue Guidelines For Identifying Death Cases Due To Covid Vaccine

Kerala High Court Covid Vaccine
Kerala High Court Covid Vaccine

KERALA: Today, Kerala High Court has directed NDMA to make guidelines to identify the death caused due to Covid Vaccine. The Court also directed Compensation for the same.

The bench headed by Justice VG Arun said that he has come across a few cases where a person dies because of the adverse reaction of the Vaccines and even if the numbers of such persons are low, the matter must be addressed.

The Court in its order said that – “Sitting in this jurisdiction, I have come across at least three cases where pleadings are to the effect that the person who had undergone Covid-19 immunization vaccination had succumbed to the after-effects of vaccination. Therefore, even if the numbers are very few, there are instances where persons are suspected to have succumbed to the after-effects of immunization. In such circumstances, respondents 2 and 8 are bound to formulate a policy for identifying such cases and compensating the dependants of the victim,”

The Court was listening to a petition submitted by a woman who lost her husband following the administration of the Covid vaccine in August 2021. The woman seeks directions from NDMA to issue guidelines to deal with aspects relating to compensation in case of such deaths as there are many other persons, apart from the petitioner facing similar circumstances.

During the last hearing which was held on 1st September Additional Solicitor General (ASG) in Kerala High Court informed that no such policy has been framed so far for the Covid Vaccine.

Hence, the Court directed the concerned authorities to take speedy measures to formulate policies/guidelines to address the issue.

“The second respondent is hence directed to formulate policy/ guidelines for identifying cases of death due to the after-effects of Covid-19 vaccination and for compensating the dependants of the victim. The needful in this regard shall be done as expeditiously as possible and at any rate, within three months,” the order stated.

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