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Why take this workshop?

With thousands of students looking for internships every day, employers are compelled to look at employable skills. If you’re a law student looking for internships or a fresh graduate looking for employment, we do not need to remind you of the struggle.

Internships are about learning the work, but what do you do when you’re assessed on the basis of your existing skillset? Especially when the competition is so fierce, and you need to prove what you bring to the table.

Legal Adobe brings to you a solution for this:

Join our masterclass and make yourself future-ready with all the drafting skills you’d require to kick-start your career. All we need is 2 hours of your time for 2 days and an amount of money that is probably less than what you’d spend in those 2 hours.

We know you’d like to chill with your friends and maybe have a meal outside on a weekend. Trust us and replace this with our masterclass just this one time and you’ll definitely get a head-start for your career.


What’s more? You get hands-on training and these exciting perks:

  1. The top 3 performers will get cashback for the registration fee
  2. Top 10 performers will be provided internship opportunities with senior advocates
  3. Free Samples to all the participants
  4. Certificates to all the participants with individual evaluation
  5. Live Drafting, with detailed feedback
  6. Unlimited doubt clearing

Topics covered

Day 1:

– Introduction to Legal Drafting.

– What is the judge looking for?

– Overview on Criminal Drafting in the District Courts.

– Drafts that would be discussed in detail are:

  • Bail Application
  • Complaint under Section 138 of NI Act, 1881

Day 2:

– Overview on Civil Drafting in the District Courts.

– Drafts That would be discussed in detail are:

  • Civil Suit for Injunction.
  • Civil Suit for partition.

– Supreme Court judgments on the topic of Legal Drafting.

– Small discussion on contractual Drafting.


This 2-day workshop is priced at an amount of INR 250 (Roughly the price of a burger meal!)

But wait! It could be FREE for you…

If you perform well enough to rank in the Top 3 in the live drafting session.

Registration Link

Register today by clicking on the below!

Important Dates

Last date to register: 14th September 2022 (may be extended on request)

Workshop dates: 17th and 18th September 2022

Time: 4 pm to 6: 30 pm (with 20 min break)


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