Mediation Bill To Become a Law Soon


    Nowadays, our government is mainly focused on speedy trials of cases. The Union Minister spoke about Mediation and Information technology at the two-day national conference held in Gujarat. He focused on how the government is targeting the speedy trial of cases for which ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) can be of help.

    This mediation bill is proposed to be introduced in the Parliament House and is currently under the examination of the standing committee of the parliament for any necessary changes and amendments if required.

    At the conference, the Union Minister said that the bill has got many inputs from all the stakeholders as well as from the retired and the present Supreme Court judges.

    ADR has been there since the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata but it’s not being used progressively. But now when the government is looking into this matter, it has been seen that there are several cases pending in the Courts and the procedure is quite slow as well. So, while looking at the solution to this problem, ADR could be seen as a game-changer. This bill will help a lot in bringing the change after coming into the force.

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