Police investigation team attacked by family members of a man who opened fire in Jahangirpuri Riots.

Delhi Riots

A Delhi Police investigation team came under a “minor” attack on April 18 when it went to the house of a man who was seen firing a gunshot during violence in the Jahangirpuri Riots.

Usha Rangnani who is the  Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northwest) said that the northwest district police team had gone to the suspect’s house in CD Park Road for a search and examination of his family members.

In a purported video of the Saturday violence, the man, wearing a blue shirt, was seen opening fire during the clashes that had erupted when a Hanuman Jayanti procession was passing through localities in Jahangirpuri.

According to the Reports, Family Members pleated stones at the police officers. And some legal action is also being taken by the Authorities. Now the situation is Under Control.

Ms. Rangnani also informed that “Media reports about fresh stone-pelting [on Monday] is an exaggeration of facts. It was a minor, one-off incident. Legal action is being taken by the authorities.

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