More than 3 thousands challans issue against E-Rickshaws in Delhi, Transport Department Confirms to Delhi High Court


A sudden increase in the number of challans issued against e-rickshaws came after the High Court last month observed that the Transport Department of the Delhi government was “not serious” about enforcing the compliance of the law in relation to the requirement of having a fitness certificate by every vehicle plying on road.

“There are more than 80,583 e-rickshaws plying on the Delhi roads whose fitness certificate has expired till December 22, 2021. Similarly, the fitness certificates of 9,451 auto-rickshaws have expired, but continue to ply on the roads of Delhi,” the Transport Department has admitted.

On 7th April, Delhi Transport while hearing a petition by autorickshaw driver Ajit Kumar, represented by advocate Vishal Khanna, seeking to remove old autorickshaws from roads either by scrapping process or by enforcing the replacement scheme applicable to autorickshaws, had directed the Transport Department to take remedial steps forthwith.

In response to the Order, the Transport Department has, in an affidavit, said that it has issued a slew of guidelines to encourage e-rickshaw owners to renew their fitness certificates.

E-rickshaw and e-cart owners are being informed repeatedly through SMS in Hindi about the requirement for a fitness certificate, the Department said adding that the SMSs are being sent continuously every week since April 1, 2022.


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