Narayan Rane has been Granted Interim Protection By the Bombay High Court –

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    In a case involving alleged derogatory remarks he made against Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, the Bombay High Court granted Union Minister Narayan Rane interim protection for two weeks on Friday.

    A division bench of Justices P.B. Varale and S.M. Modak was hearing Mr. Rane’s plea to quash the FIR filed against him for making derogatory remarks about Mr. Thackeray. On August 23, 2021, while speaking at a BJP Jan Ashirvad Yatra in Raigad district, Mr. Rane stated that Mr. Thackeray forgot the year of independence during his August 15 address to the people of the state and that if he had been present, he would have slapped him.

    Court statement

    “Although this is not advisory jurisdiction, petitioner (Mr Rane) is occupying a responsible position,” the court said on Thursday. However, the words used are not used in a respectful manner against another person who also holds a respectable position. Why doesn’t the petitioner stand up in court and say, “Bygones be bygones?” Let us resolve to treat everyone with respect. Let us not send the wrong message to the public.”

    “We are a state with a rich heritage,” the court continued. One of the senior most leaders, for example, brought morcha to Mantralaya. The then-chief minister emerged from his chamber and summoned him to his chamber for a hearing. This was our illustrious ancestry.”

    “You are a resident of Maharashtra,” the Bench told Mr. Rane’s lawyer, Satish Maneshinde. The significance of words… “Unfortunately, both sides use words,” Mr. Maneshinde said. Let us run Center and State together once you stop.”

    “But let us set a good example for our children,” the court concluded. It happens in politics when one person adopts one ideology and another adopts another, and they each have their own preferences and dislikes. Ultimately… “We have a rich heritage in Maharashtra.”

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