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News with Navya

About the Channel

Crucial issues often remain buried under the pile of noise. News with Navya is a digital news initiative that aims to cover issues that remain untold and neglected by mainstream media. Away from sensationalism, News With Navya chooses issues of public interest over issues of interest to the public.

What matters to you, matters to them.

The journey of News with Navya started in January 2022, initially with long, explanatory, and analytical videos on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, and later expanded to reels and crisp and short videos, and quick swipe posts to reach more audiences in less time.

The main objective of the channel is to empower people with the information that they must know. There is no filter, no bias- just FACTS,

From an alarming climate crisis, legal knowledge, animal welfare, and citizen’s rights to economic updates, News With Navya has got you covered!

Their content showcases extensive, elaborate research backed with hard-hitting facts and honest journalism.

About the Creator

The creator of the channel is Navya Singh herself. She has a bachelor’s degree in Media Economics and Political Science from Christ University, Bengaluru. She later went on to work with two digital news organizations- The Logical Indian and The Quint.

Soon after, she decided to work independently and that’s when the channel ‘News with Navya’ was born. The idea was to practice journalism and not remain an employee.

Navya has been an avid public speaker and has interacted with the youth and people from all walks of life at events organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and educational institutions like colleges across the country.

She has also encouraged people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle through her analytical videos and real-life experiences.

The crew at News with Navya is a small but strong team of 3 people with the aim of delivering news that matters.

Milestone for NEWS WITH NAVYA

  1. Starting from scratch, News with Navya grew into a family of 11.8k followers on Instagram in 5 months.
  2. A daily, quick bulletin on everyday news has hooked the audience to News With Navya.
  3. The audience sees ‘News With Navya’ as a repository of information about the climate crisis and sustainable living.
  4. News With Navya comes across as an interactive news team that does not just empower its audience but also understands their needs and requirements.
  5. Several reels from the channel have gone viral and made a difference.
  6. 46.4k views on a reel creating awareness on the climate crisis.
  7. 25.7k views on a reel explaining the impact of the fashion industry on the planet.





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