Orissa HC rejected MLA Prasant Jagdevs Bail

MLA Prasant Jagdev

ORISSA: In the case of Prasant Kumar Jagdev v. the State of Odisha. Orissa HC rejected the bail petition of Chillika MLA Prasant Jagdev. He is accused of driving a car over a crowd during the last Panchayat elections in Odisha. While dismissing the bail petition, a Single Judge Bench of Justice Satrughana Pujahari observed,

“As it reveals, while giving the threat to run the vehicle over the protesters, he drove the vehicle into the crowd that too using the registration number of a different vehicle. Such indulgence and overt act can never be treated as becoming of a public representative. That apart, the series of criminal cases attached to his antecedent speak against his credibility to abide by condition, if any, imposed in case of his bail, more so when he has also not abided by the conditions not to indulge in any criminal activities while allowing him to be released on bail in connection with Balugaon P.S. Case No. 156 of 2021 thereafter, but still involved in two such criminal cases during the Panchayat election including the present one.”

Counsel from the petitioner sides is Adv. Y. Das, Adv Manas Kumar Chand, Adv. R.R.Mishra and Adv K.Mansingh. On the other hand, Mr. S.S. Pradhan, Addl. Govt. Advocate.

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