Patna High Court asked the State, National Highways Authority of India to consider constituting Public toilets and public conveniences on highways across the state

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PATNA: Patna High Court asked the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to construct the Public Toilets on the Highway.

The Bench Comprising of Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice S. Kumar stressed the obligation of the part of the State in establishing good facilities for sanitation and personal care on the Highways or be it on the Petrol Pumps in the state. While hearing the case, the Court took into account the plight of women and the lack of adequate sanitation facilities on highways for them.

The Court observed that “Unlike women, men shamelessly stand on the Highways to ease off themselves, but a society cannot expect the same from the former and therefore it is an urgent duty upon the State/its instrumentalities to ensure that such needs, which are the very definition of basic needs, are met,”

Further, the Court said, “It is so unfortunate that in the land of Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, who revolutionized the public health, hygiene and sanitation concept in India by establishing Sulabh Sauchayalas throughout the country that public toilets and proper sanitation facilities are nowhere to be seen,”

Court ordered that all Public toilets be adequately staffed for taking care and maintaining the same with a proper system for the disposal of sanitary napkins. Its the responsibility of the state to provide basic amenities to all the citizens while undertaking road travel, in light of the Constitution of India and the various international Human Rights obligations.

Further, The Chief Secretary and the Government of Bihar, to hold a meeting of all stakeholders to examine the best and most efficient way to realize the multifarious benefits arising from the establishment of petrol pumps.

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(MARCH – APRIL 2022)


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