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What will be the Future of Ukraine-Returned Indian Medical Students?

As we all are aware of the problems that arise in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Its impact in India is mainly on the Medical students studying in Ukraine. the students studying for medical in Ukraine are not in hundreds but thousands. Over twenty thousand students were evacuated from the war and most of them were medical students.

As we know that the medical infrastructure of India is not that much good as that of foreign countries like Ukraine. The main reason for these students going to Ukraine is that medical study in India is much more expensive than in these countries. There are much fewer seats in government medical colleges than the aspirants in India, over 1 million students apply for a medical seat in government colleges in India but only forty-five thousand get the seat in government colleges and about forty thousand get the seat in private medical college. From this data, we can understand that a large number of medical aspirants didn’t get the seat and from these rest of the medical aspirants some those are a financially little bit strong goes to foreign countries like Ukraine, Russia, Australia, etc.

So at this time, these students came to India through evacuation from Ukraine, and a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) petition is filed in the supreme court of India seeking specific guidelines or directions in respect of admission and continuation of their Medical Course in India for Indian students who were studying in Ukrain and for ensuring that no loss of studies of these students will happen. The PIL is filed through “Advocate Shashibhushan P Adgaonkar”.

“It has to be taken into consideration that National Medical Commission has allowed Foreign Medical Graduates to Complete their Internship in India due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, so in this backdrop, the Government must consider the plight of the Medical students who were forced to flee for their lives leaving behind their Medical Education in between and returned to India because of the ongoing war,” the petition states.

So the main focus of the petitioner is that the central and state government should make sure that the studies of these medical students will be ensured in India and they will not suffer because of this situation in Ukraine.

It is the fundamental right of every student to complete their studies and if this situation abrupts the study of these students it will affect their fundamental right. but it is not going to be easy for the government to adjust that much number of students and to increase about 20% of seats in Indian medical colleges. It is also a problem in front of the Indian government that these students are not as qualified as the criteria provided by the Indian government and it will also be partiality with the more qualified Indian aspirants who seek to get admission in India only and were not financially strong as to get admission in any private or foreign colleges.

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