Plastic Ban | Madras High Court directs Central Government to find the Alternative of Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic ban

MADRAS: Recently, Madras High Court directed the Central Government to find alternative methods for Plastic water bottles and come up with effective packaging solutions. The plea was moved to Madras High Court for the plastic Ban.

The Bench headed by Justices S Vaidyanathan and PT Asha, heard the plea and observed, “insofar as drinking water stored in plastic bottles is concerned, it becomes a major problem not only to the well-being of the environment and also affects the quality of our health

The Court noted that storing water in plastic bottles for a long period of time is a major concern as it creates a lot of health issues. It also resulted in poisonous water as a lot of plastic particles get mixed with water. Equally, the use of bubble top water can in all places has become common in Tamil Nadu, despite the fact that it is highly hazardous to life, it added.

The Court directed the state government to file a detailed report on how drinking water is prepared in the State and how the water cans were cleaned up. Further, the bench also discussed the viability of offering milk in bottles instead of Sachets and Plastic. The court suggested that AAVIN, a state government cooperative, could offer a choice to the consumer to buy milk in bottles by paying extra charges. The court also suggested that AAVIN market milk in non-hazardous Tetra packs.

The court further suggested that other provisions and edibles which were similarly being marketed in sachets could be packed in substitutes. It impleaded the Commissioner of Food Safety and Drug Administration Department, DMS Complex, Teynampet, as a party, to provide their suggestions to a plastic-free society.

The next date of hearing is on 29th August.

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