POVERTY – Major Problem of India



    We all have different meanings of Poverty on our own, but no one can tell the actual meaning of poverty. Because the Poverty we think and the actual is different. About 10 to 15 million of the world’s population is not able to get food but in data, we see this much less than the actual. because no one country will give the actual data of their country because it’s their responsibility to handle poverty. poverty is a much bigger problem than we think it is. We can’t imagine how a child sleep with a hungry stomach and his parents tolerate this.

    That is not poverty when you not able to find a good job where you can have a good salary, that is not poverty when you are not able to buy a good mobile phone to use, that is not poverty when you were not able to buy expensive things like the rich people, that is not poverty when you demand something from your parents and they are not able to give you that product or anything, this is not poverty at all.

    But Poverty is when you are doing lunch and you don’t have any food for dinner, poverty is when you have to eat half of your requirement because of shortage of food, poverty is when your children are not going to school but to beg food from the people, poverty is when you should go to school at that age you have to work on dhabas and restaurant to give food to your family, poverty is when you are not able to get medicine when you require them and when you lost someone of your family because you have no money to buy medicine. This is the actual meaning of poverty that we don’t know. when we require money and are not able to get it we feel that this is poverty and we are poor. but that’s not true the actual poverty is different from that.

    Poverty in India

    The situation is worse in the context of poverty in India. India is a developing country and we are saying that India is a making superpower but for the past 70 years we were not able to remove poverty from India. our expense on defense is about 30% of our budget every year. But we’re not able to feed our entire population for a year. the poverty level in India is about 21% in 2020 which means about 20% of India’s population is below the poverty line. if some more budget is used on the poor people of India then they will also be able to be standing by the other countrymen.

    Main Reasons For Poverty

    1. Unemployment

    As we all know that unemployment of a person can take him to poverty. Because all we need is work to earn for ourselves and our family, but if we don’t have any work to do then wherefrom the income came to get food for the family. unemployment in India is increasing day by day and in this covid lockdown situation is getting worse day by day. We should do all efforts that we can do at our level.

    1. Illiteracy Rate

    An educated person can able to get work easily because of his skills and learning power but an illiterate person can’t be able to do good work other than daily wage work except few. so illiteracy is also a reason for poverty in India and other parts of the world. We should have to do some more efforts to educate the new generation because they are the base of nation-building.

    1. Corruption

    In my view, all the reasons for poverty are within the word corruption because corruption is the only main cause of poverty in India and other poor countries of the world. A single corrupt person can corrupt the entire system. we should work on the problem of corruption firstly to remove poverty from the country. Without removing corruption we can’t dream of a poverty-free nation.

    1. Government Policy

    A government is who works on the money of its people and makes the best laws for them to do business and for any work. If the policy of the government is good for people it will increase their income but if they are against them they can make them poorer. We can understand the government policy by the difference between less developed and more developed countries, they are the policy of the government which makes the economy of a country grow faster.

    What should the Government Do?

    As we all know that our Government is not rich as the other countries but we are not this much poor which we are showing. we only have to manage the money and should cut off the expenses which are not much required. A country is poor when its people are illiterate. we should work on our education system to provide and encourage the youth of India towards education but this will only be possible when we gave them enough food to eat and should not have to sacrifice their study for food.

    A man sad if we gave a person food, it will only satisfy him for a time but if we gave him education and the way how to earn food of his own then it will satisfy him for life and he will not have to beg for food in his life.

    The Government is doing work in this direction but this is not enough to make India independent and hunger-free.

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