Rajasthan High Court Imposes 10 Lakh Cost On Medical Institute For Filing

JAIPUR: In the case of Dhanwantri Institute Of Medical Science v. State Of Rajasthan & Ors., Rajasthan High Court at Jodhpur imposed a cost of Rs. 10 lakh on a medical institution for filing a writ petition, which came to be dismissed as withdrawn at Jaipur Bench on 26.04.2022.

The bench headed by Justice Vijay Bishnoi dismissed the plea. The Bench observed,-

Nowadays, the practice of bench hunting is often noticed, however, it is least expected from the institute providing education for the higher courses to the students to involve in such practice. It is a very sorry state of affairs and the conduct of the petitioner– the institution is highly condemnable and contemptuous too. It is not expected from any person approaching the Court to conceal the relevant facts and to make an attempt to mislead the Court.

Dhanwantri institution Of Medical Science seeks directions for setting aside certain notices related to admission along with the consequential proceedings caused due to the said notices.

Further, Jaipur Bench Jaipur Bench restrained respondents to disaffiliate the petitioner institution in the interest of the students and faculty staff therein. Consequently before the Principal Bench at Jodhpur, in addition to the above prayers, the petitioner-institution sought permission to undertake B.Sc.(N), P.B.Sc., M.Sc. Course for the academic session 2021-22 and to include its name in all the rounds of counseling.

Further, the respondent informed the court that a petition with similar prayers had been preferred on behalf of the petitioners’ student. The court observed that the reasons, which forced the petitioner–an institution to file this writ petition, though the earlier writ petition filed by it before the Jaipur Bench is pending, are not known to it, as the same has not been disclosed by the petitioner–institution. The court added that this concludes that the petitioner–the institution was apprehensive that he may not get a favorable order from Jaipur Bench.

It was ordered by the court that the cost of Rs. 10 Lacs shall be deposited by the petitioner– an institution with the Rajasthan Legal Services Authority, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur within a period of one month.

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