Rajya Sabha Passes Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2022

On Monday, the Upper House passed Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2022. Earlier, it was passed by the Lower House on August 3. The Bill was established to provide central universities in various states.

The Bill also seeks to convert the National Rail and Transportation University, Vadodara, into Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya, an autonomous Central University under the administrative control of the Ministry of Railways. It will be incorporated as a body corporate.  The University will also extend beyond the railways to cover the entire transport sector to support the ambitious growth and modernization of the sector.

need of talent in the strategically important and expanding transportation sector and meet the demand for trained talent to fuel the growth and expansion of the sector.” the government said.

The Statement of Objects and reasons annexed to the Bill states that the proposed University will–

(i) reverse brain drain and create critical capability and capacity by developing master’s and doctoral degrees in transportation;

(ii) go a long way in making the nation self-reliant in the transportation sector through its programs for skilling and digitizing India;

(iii) carry out critically-needed research and development by creating innovative technologies to encourage local manufacturing and substitute the imports of expensive technology, equipment, and products; and

(iv) take additional measures for providing high-quality teaching, research, and skill development in diverse disciplines related to transportation, technology, and management including establishing centers in India and abroad.

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