Rights and Duties of Consumer

Rights and Duties of Consumer
Rights and Duties of Consumer

Consumer area unit is those who purchase or avail commodities or services. Within the method of shopping and merchandise and services until the time they use those goods and services; they need sure rights and duties as a consumer/shopper that he or she isn’t perpetually awake of. This would possibly happen thanks/due to a lack of information and mental object.

Apart from the fundamental wants of food, clothing/covering and shelter, we tend to use a wide/large kind of things in our standard of living like cell phones, digital cameras, soaps, perfumes, cosmetics, etc. Thus, we tend to area unit all consumers/customers within the literal sense of the word after we purchase.

Rights of a Consumer

Every country prescribes its own set of consumer/shopper rights to its individuals to confirm the most protection to the voters of a country. That means consumer awareness extends to knowing the meaning of consumer/shopper rights. Their area unit is six vital shopper rights that are listed down for the citizens of India by the govt. of India;

The rights of a shopper area unit are given below Section 6 within the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The rights of a consumer/shopper are as follows: –

Right to Protection: – It suggests the right to be protected against the selling of products and services dangerous to life and property. The benefits of the goods and services purchased ought to meet not solely their immediate wants, but additionally their semipermanent interests. Before shopping, customers ought to emphasize on the standard of the merchandise also because of the guarantee of the merchandise and services. They ought to ideally purchase quality marked merchandise like ISI, AGMARK, etc.

Right to Choose: – It suggests the right to have/own access to a large kind of merchandise and services at a competitive value. within the case of a monopoly, it suggests the right to be assured of satisfactory quality and service at an affordable value. It additionally includes the right to basic merchandise and services.

Right to Information: – It suggests the right to be informed/told concerning the standard, quantity, potency, purity, standard, and value of the products thus on the defend the buyer from unfair trade practices. The consumer/buyer ought to enforce obtaining all the data about the merchandise or service before creating a choice or decision.

Right to be Heard: – This suggests that the interests of the consumer/buyer are going to be given due consideration/ thought at the suitable forums. It additionally includes the right to be diagrammatic in numerous forums established to think about the welfare of the customer.

Right to Seek Redressal: – It suggests that the right to redress against unfair trade practices or dishonest exploitation of customers. It additionally includes the right to fair/honest disposal of genuine/real customer complaints. Customers ought to complain for his/her genuine complaints.

Duties of a Consumer

Just as the govt. has given every consumer/shopper a set/group of rights, it’s the consumer’s responsibility to perform various duties provided to them. Consumer/shopper responsibilities or duties area unit as vital as customer rights. Within the manner that the govt. has given every and each consumer/shopper a set/group of rights, it’s the responsibility of the buyer to additionally follow through on many duties provided to them. Consumer/shopper responsibilities area unit even as vital as shopper rights.

Following are some important consumer responsibilities or duties of consumers:

  • Consumers should ensure that the product they are buying is of good quality, and is quality marked like Agmark, ISI, Hallmark etc;
  • Consumers should always ensure that they have seen and understood all available information about the product and make an informed choice;
  • Consumers should follow the rules while purchasing the goods and should not be illegal;
  • Consumers should always insist on bills of purchase from the seller so that if there is a problem with the purchase, the problem can be resolved immediately;
  • Consumers have a responsibility to call for exploitative behavior and unfair trade practices on the part of the seller; and
  • Consumers should form organizations that are non-political to express consumer needs and requirements.

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