Senior Advocates are ill-treated by Junior Judges: Telangana High Court

Telangana HC

The Chief Justice of Telangana High Court Hon’ble Mr. Justice Satish Chandra Sharma pointed out a serious concern that needs attention, i.e., senior Advocates are ill-treated by Junior Judges and some Officers are not punctual as well.

Hon’ble Chief Justice also talked about the lack of infrastructure in the Judicial system due to which there is so much delay in cases and it takes so many years to decide upon a case. He stressed upon these two major issues that were felt to be dealt on, to improve the Judicial structure of our country.

There is a strict need to take some immediate actions against the treatment being given to the Senior advocates and the lack of punctuality in the Judicial officers. Also, there is an urgent need to fill up the vacant positions of the Judges so to reduce the delay injustice.

This issue is taken up with the Government of India and immediate steps will be taken for the same.

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