Supreme Court Rejected a Petition Challenging Permission To Carry “Kirpan” In Domestic Fights

Supreme Court Kirpan

On Friday, in the matter of Hindu Sena (Regt.) versus Union of India and others,  Supreme Court rejected a writ petition challenging the permission granted to members of the Sikh community to carry “kirpan” in domestic flights.

The Supreme Court directed the petitioner to move to the jurisdictional High Court. An organization named Hindu Sena filed a petition to challenge the exception given to the Sikh Community by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security on 4 March 2022 to carry Kirpan.

The order states that “kirpan” may be carried by a Sikh passenger on his person on domestic flights provided the length of its blade does not exceed 15.24 cms (6 inches) and the total length does not exceed 22.86 cms (9 inches). It is allowed while traveling by air on Indian aircraft within India (domestic routes of only domestic flights).

The bench comprising Justices S Abdul Nazeer and JK Maheshwari said – “You go to the High Court. Dismissed, with liberty to approach the High Court”

The petitioner argued that the exemption violated the right to equality and was discriminatory. The petitioner further argued that the fundamental right to freedom of religion under Article 25 can be limited by the safety concerns of co-passengers in a flight.

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