Supreme Court rejected a Petition to Declare Sanskrit as a National Language

Supreme Court Sanskrit Language
Supreme Court Sanskrit Language

Today, the Supreme Court of India rejected a  petition to declare seeking Sanskrit as the national language of India.

In the matter of KG Vanzara vs Union of India. A bench of Justices headed by MR Shah and Krishna Murari said that the right forum for considering the issue raised in the plea is the parliament and not the court.

“Why should we issue a notice or declare for publicity? We may share some of your views but the right forum to debate this is in parliament. It needs amendment to the Constitution,” the bench said

It is a matter of policy which we can’t change, the Court added.

“We refuse to entertain the petition. Dismissed. Counsel at liberty to make appropriate representation before concerned authorities,” the Court ordered.

The PIL was filed by retired IAS officer and lawyer KG Vanzara.

The plea sought direction from the Central government to notify Sanskrit as the national language. The Court said that such a major move will not disturb the current Constitutional provisions which provide for English and Hindi as the official languages of the country.

The Court rejected a plea.

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