Supreme Court rejected a plea seeking to change school curriculum by including history of North-East India.

history of north east india

Today, the Supreme Court refused to entertain a PIL petition seeking changes to school curriculum by including chapters on geography and history of north-east India. The plea filed by Jyoti Zongluju also sought changes to law to curb racial discrimination.

A bench of Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud and Justice PS Narasimha, however, said that these are matters falling within the domain of the executive and the parliament, and the Court cannot pass any orders.

“For racial discrimination you move police. Including chapters in history, geography is pertaining to policy and I believe teach children as little as possible since it is all information overload now and every ill in the society does not merit court intervention,” the bench said.

The Court made it clear that it cannot issue a writ of Mandamus to law making authority. Regarding chapters on history, geography, the Court said it squarely falls within the domain of education policy.

“And regarding videos on youtube on racial discrimination, police is the appropriate authority to look into this. Writ petition dismissed,” the Court ordered.

The counsel for the petitioner said that people from north-east had suffered racial discrimination during COVID-19.

“But you want us to make changes to IPC provisions, and we cannot do that. The plea is dismissed,” the Court said.


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