Supreme Court Said Baba Ramdev Not to Criticize Other Systems of Medicine

Supreme Court Baba Ramdev

INDIA: On Tuesday, the bench headed by the Chief Justice of India NV Ramana in the Supreme Court said that Baba Ramdev should not criticize other Medicinal systems. The Court further added, “it is better he must restrain (from) accusing the other systems”.

“He can tell greatness about his system. Why should he accuse all the doctors, of allopathy, and every system of medicine… Ultimately, we respect him. He popularised Yoga. We all used to go to his programs and watch Yoga. But he should not criticize the other systems. What is the guarantee that the Ayurveda or whatever system he follows will cure all the diseases? And the type of advertisements, accusing all the doctors as killers…” the CJI said.

The dual bench of Justices Hima Kohli and CT Ravi Kumar was hearing a plea by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) accusing Ramdev of carrying out a smear campaign against modern medicine and vaccination.

Advocate Prabhas Bajaj appearing for IMA said that “His advertisements say you will become blind, you will have life-long problems from allopathy, your bones will weaken…”

In reply, CJI said –  “that’s a different issue, but he can’t abuse the doctors and the systems… It is better he must restrain accusing the other systems”.

The court then proceeded to issue notice to the Union government.

Counsel of IMA said that besides “disparaging statements” about allopathy, the advertisements also make claims about research and evidence-based medicine for blood pressure and sugar, among others. He submitted that the contents of the advertisements are “seriously affecting the harmony of all the systems”. Alleging that “all of this is being done only for commercial purposes”, he added that the public is being misguided because of it.

Justice Ravi Kumar asked the counsel if he was saying all that is being claimed is quackery. “After going through this, it appears you are describing this as a quackery,” he said.

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