Today Election Commission Will Announce Schedule For President Election

President Election

NEW DELHI: The Election Commission (EC) will announce the schedule for the presidential election in  Vijyan Bhawan, New Delhi, news agency ANI reported.

President Ram Nath Kovind’s term will expire on July 24, and according to Article 62 of the Constitution, an election for the new president must be held before the incumbent’s term ends.

The members of the electoral college, which includes elected members of both houses of Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha), elect the President of India.

The voting procedure includes elected members of legislative assemblies from all states and Union Territories of Delhi, as well as Puducherry.

Nominated members of the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, as well as state legislative legislatures, are not eligible to be included in the electoral college, and hence are not allowed to vote in the election.

Members of the legislative councils, therefore, are not eligible to vote in the presidential election.

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