Resolution For Immediately Transfer The Union Territory Of Chandigarh

    On Friday the chief minister of Punjab moved a resolution in the assembly for the transfer of the union territory of Chandigarh to the state of Punjab. the resolution was moved by the chief minister of Punjab in a special session of the assembly.

    CM urged the central govt. to not to take those steps which may disturb the balance of Chandigarh administration, he added that the central govt. with many recent actions trying to disturb the balance of the Chandigarh administration.

    He said about the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) that the central govt advertised the posts of BBMB to officers of all states or central govt. but traditionally these posts were filled by officers of Punjab and Haryana. similarly, the Chandigarh administration has been always managed by the officers of Punjab and Haryana in a ratio of 60:40. recently central govt. made central civil service rules for the employees of Chandigarh administration and posted outside officers to Chandigarh, which is completely different and against the understanding of the past.

    The Resolution read  “Punjab was reorganized through the Punjab reorganization Act. 1966, wherein, the State of Punjab was reorganized into the State of Haryana, Union Territory of Chandigarh, and some parts of Punjab were given to the then Union Territory of Himachal Pradesh. Since then a balance was maintained in the Administration of common assets like Bhakra Beas Management Board, by way of giving management positions in some proportion to the nominees of State of Punjab and State of Haryana. Through many of its recent actions, the Central government has been trying to upset this balance. Most recently the Central government has advertised the posts of members of the Bhakra Beas Management Board to officers of all States and Central governments, whereas these posts were traditionally filled by the officers from Punjab and Haryana. Similarly, Chandigarh Administration has always been managed by the officers of Punjab and Haryana in a ratio of 60:40.

    However, recently Central government has posted outside officers to Chandigarh and has introduced Central Civil Service Rules for the employees of Chandigarh Administration, which goes completely against the understanding in the past.

    Chandigarh city was created as the Capital of Punjab. In all past precedents, whenever, a State has been divided, the capital remains with the parent state. Punjab, therefore, has been laying its claim for the complete transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab.”

    “In the past, this House has passed a number of resolutions urging the Central government to transfer Chandigarh to Punjab. For maintaining harmony and taking the sentiments of the people into account, this House once again recommends to the State government raise the matter with the Central government to immediately transfer Chandigarh to Punjab. This House also requests the Central government to honor the principles of federalism enshrined in our Constitution and not to take any steps which may disturb the balance in the administration of Chandigarh and that of other common assets like BBMB,”  the resolution added.

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