Woman filed petition in Delhi High Court seeking directions from centre to stop his friend from travelling abroad for Euthanasia

Delhi High Court euthanasia

NEW DELHI: In the matter of SINDHU M.K. v. UNION OF INDIA & ORS., the woman filed a petition in the Delhi High Court to stop her friend, from traveling to Europe for Euthanasia, seeking direction from the Centre to not grant emigration clearance to him. He was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,

In a plea, the petitioner claims that her friend made ‘false claims’ before Indian as well as foreign authorities for getting travel permissions, the plea also seeks direction from the Centre government through the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to constitute a medical board to examine his medical condition and also provide necessary medical assistance to him.

The bench headed by Justice Yashwant Varma heard a plea. The plea avers that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a complex, debilitating, long-term neuroinflammatory disease that is a “poorly understood condition” and is in the early stages of research.

“Finally, this year Respondent No.3 has decided to go for Euthanasia through Dignitas, an organization in Zurich, Switzerland which provides physician-assisted suicide and he had traveled to Zurich for first round of psychological evaluation in June 11 to 18, 2022. According to the information received by the Petitioner, his application was accepted by Dignitas, first evaluation was approved and now awaiting the final decision by end of August, 2022,” the plea adds.

The petition further states that the man is now adamant about his decision to go for Euthanasia, which will also affect the life of his age-old parents.

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